Creating opportunities for Australia’s young job seekers

There is no doubt that our universities are producing a generation of talented young people who are articulate, motivated and understand the value of building a solid resume with as [...]

New South Wales jobs – 2015

Source: Statistics, particularly those from the Australian Bureau of Statistics can, without doubt, be somewhat dry and tedious to wade through.  They can also be valuable in understanding the [...]

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Staying off the Job Hunting Roller Coaster

Author:  Nicole Reynolds, National Business Partner - PATH4 Logistics Finding a job these days is certainly not easy – let alone finding the right role to suit your passion. The key [...]

Succession planning solutions in Freight Forwarding

Author:  Nicole Reynolds, National Business Manager - PATH4 Logistics It has become apparent to me in the last few years that many businesses in our industry (Forwarding) have succession planning challenges. [...]

Do you have a Fixed or Growth Mindset?

Author:  Nicole Reynolds, National Business Partner - PATH4 Logistics Our experiences help shape us, but it's important to leave room for growth. Alison and I recently attended a NAWO (National [...]

We are in a new world with old minds

Author:  Alison May, Graduate Specialist - PATH4 Logistics The world we live in now is a clashing force of new technologies and social patterns mixed with old school thinkers and [...]

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