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Today’s global hiring issues demand flexible solutions.

We want to support our clients in every way that we can so that their organisations and their people thrive and enjoy success.  We are about sourcing and supporting people and see our role as one that extends into all areas of the employment process.

Simply, we help our clients to make the right decision.

Objectivity.   Consistency.   Save Time & Money.   

Managed Workforce Solutions

Maintaining focus on your core business activities, driving growth and delivering against customer expectations can be challenging enough in today’s rapidly changing world.  Add to this the uncertainly that business is now experiencing through complex legislative requirements, evolving environmental and WHS considerations, and the volatility of the global economy and it becomes clear there is more pressure on business than ever before.

PATH4 Group’s Workforce Solutions are designed to bring clarity to what can often be a daunting landscape of non-core business activities and functions.  Our tailored solutions allow you to get back to what your good at, delivering your core products or services and growing your business.  Read more ….

Pre-Employment Tests and Behavioural Profiling

To complement our more traditional recruitment and sources methodology, PATH4 also offers an extensive suite of pre-employment tests and behavioural profiling.  It is well proven that cognitive and behavioural tests are superior predictors of future performance in the role than interviews alone and can often provide that much needed “confirmation”, of suitability.

Our pre-employment profiling and testing allows our clients to define and benchmark the beahvioural requirements of the role before they commence the recruitment process.  Beyond ensuring absolute certainty in the job order, we are then able to assess short listed candidates for job fit by comparing the candidate response against that provided by the client.

These profiling tools also support the ongoing development of individuals and teams by providing accurate insight into employee motivation and drivers.

╦     Cognitive and Aptitude Tests

     Personality and Behavioural Tests

     Skills & Abilities Assessments

     Industry Skill Specific Tests

Reference Checks

Pre-employment reference checks are an essential element of the recruitment process and one that should not be underestimated in both value and long term impact.   It is a proactive measure that all employers can take to mitigate the error of making a bad hire.

So, why would you hand this important task to a third party?   Excellent question and unless that third party has extensive experience in the recruitment industry, you wouldn’t.   A partner who understands every aspect of the employment business is different though.

PATH4 has the professionalism and the functionality ….. and we have the track record that gives our clients the confidence to outsource their pre-employment reference checking to us.  We can offer fully customisable templates to suit your organisation and specific roles or use one of our templates – we are here to make simplify this process for you.

HR Management

Keeping on top of changing employment law and developing the productivity and cohesiveness of your workforce are both extremely challenging, tasks that are vital to the health of your organisation.

Our HRM Consultants have worked into large corporates and government as well as SMEs on a global platform which is why we are confident in saying that if they haven’t already dealt with a specific issue, they will know where to go to find the answer.

Our HR services cover all stages of the employment lifecycle:

     HR Strategy and Planning

     Remuneration and Rewards

     Contracts and Policy Development

     Evaluation and Measurement

╦     People Development


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