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Queensland Jobs – 1 in 5 of the nation’s workers

Source:  Australian Jobs 2015 With around 2.3 million people employed in Queensland, the sunshine state is responsible for 1 in 5 of Australia’s workers.  And, although Queensland is usually seen, [...]


New South Wales jobs – 2015

Source: Statistics, particularly those from the Australian Bureau of Statistics can, without doubt, be somewhat dry and tedious to wade through.  They can also be valuable in understanding the [...]

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Payroll – A Headache for all SMEs

There is no escaping it – Payroll is a challenge for the majority of SMEs. The requirement is often not large enough to justify a dedicated resource but at the [...]


An Inch Wide and a Mile Deep – putting the focus on recruiters

Author:  Leanne Northcott Q: Are generalist recruiters heading toward extinction? A:  Yes and No – depending who you ask!  The large generalist recruitment businesses will continue to defend their low [...]

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