Whether you are a fresh graduate or applying for a senior technical manager position your resume is key to whether you will make it to that job interview or if you will fall in to the no thanks pile.  It is critical your resume is on point below are some of the most common resume mistakes

  • Typos / Spelling Errors

Nothing says lack of attention to detail more than seeing typos or spelling errors in the only document that should be selling your skills to potential employers.  Double / Triple check your resume and then send it to your editor (your partner, your colleague or even your Mum) you will be amazed at what a fresh set of eyes can pick up.

  • Your email address

Although you may party like it’s 1999, your email on your resume shouldn’t be partygoodtimegirl@hotmail.com (don’t laugh I’ve seen it) there are ample free email providers for you to have your name  or at least part of it as your email address.

  • Display

Use the same font, I can not stress this enough, if there are several different fonts throughout your resume it literally looks like you have copied and pasted probably because you have.

Do not write long stories in your resume stick to bullet points using key words and short facts.  A hiring manager or recruiter may have a lot of resumes to go through therefore is likely scanning the resume rather than reading every single word at the initial stage and you want yours to be put in the call back pile

  • Lies

Whilst you want your resume to stand out from the crowd, it is not worth exaggerating your resume.   Misrepresentation about length of employment, embellished skill sets, inflated responsibilities, or incorrect job titles will only come back to bite you, even if you do get the job, your new employer will be expecting a whole lot than you may be able to deliver.

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  • General Statements

Anyone can write general statements such as good communication skills or great team player on their resume and whilst these are great soft skills it is unlikely to impress a potential hiring manager.  It is better to demonstrate your communication skills or cohesiveness in a team by highlighting the requirements of past jobs where you have performed well in these areas. 

Focus on your achievements with examples of what you have done rather than just the list of responsibilities from your job description, it will create a much more thorough picture of your experience and capabilities.