When I was growing up we had no Easter Bunnies nor loads of chocolate for Easter. What a different story now! Often you can buy Easter chocolate as early as February.

It never amazes me to see how well the marketing people have done! Easter basically does not exist without the Bunny and chocolate treats. That leads me to today’s topic – brand management.

How well do you manage your personal brand? Can the Food Industry exist without you? I know this is little stretched. But that’s on purpose. As I really would like to drive the point home. The Food Industry here in Australia is small and building your brand is essential for you to have a long, satisfying career.

I have seen it over and over when people do not realise the consequence of their actions, be it with an employer, a colleague, or a recruitment agent. Even small things can create an unwanted image.

On the other hand there might be amazing employees with great work ethics and incredible achievements, which no one except for their direct supervisor knows about. When they start looking for a next challenge – no one has heard of them.

Staying connected and maintaining strong work ethics is a skill, and like any skill it can be mastered.

So, here are 6 Tips I often emphasise to my candidates:

  1. Do not burn bridges. Always do your best in every role you are in and if you decide to leave still do your best until the very end. If you do not get treated well forget about revenge and be the one walking away with your head high!
  2. Take every opportunity to further develop your brand. Speaking at events, networking, and mentoring or being mentored are just a few options.
  3. Treat everyone with respect, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. They could be your next boss or they could happen to know your next boss.
  4. Stay connected. Especially with your referees, past co-workers, and recruiters.
  5. Social media presence. Be careful how you present yourself online. What you post out there stays there. Employers sometimes skim through social media websites just to make sure their next talent is not spending every weekend partying hard.
  6. Stay positive. Words travel fast. Stay positive about your experience.

So while you are recovering from all those chocolate treats from the Easter long weekend hopefully you will remember this email and start thinking about what you can do to improve your personal brand. It can be just as little as sending a text message to someone you’ve worked with or shooting us an email back to give us your updates.