Author:  Leanne Northcott

Q: Are generalist recruiters heading toward extinction?

A:  Yes and No – depending who you ask!  The large generalist recruitment businesses will continue to defend their low cost/high turnover model as essential providers of recruitment services across all industries, roles and geographical locations.  And it is a model that, on paper, sounds great but do they really have the resources (ie trained consultants) to fill roles from Payroll to HR, Financial Controllers to Quality Managers, Business Analysts to Trade Supervisors.

Whilst this may satisfy the needs of large organisations that expect to have high staff turnover, it is a model that is dated and significantly removed from the commercial drivers that impact today’s business world.

As a specialist recruitment business, we believe that employers and the job market generally has developed to become a lot shrewder, sophisticated and cost conscious.  This isn’t to say that they buck at paying for recruitment services – they are happy to pay for an outsourced service that provides them with value for money.   In short, they are looking for their recruitment provider to provide them with more than they could achieve by placing an advertisement on SEEK.

Specialist Market

Our areas of specialisation cover Global Logistics, Food Manufacturing, Information Technology and Construction & Property.  This is far from blanket coverage – but we are experts in these industry sectors and have the runs on the board to support it!

In each of these sectors we have decades of collective experience.  In turn, this transforms into a recruitment business that:

  • Understands the nuances of the industry sector
  • Can demonstrate real experience within the industry
  • Actually knows and speaks regularly with prospective candidates – both active and passive
  • Understands the need to flesh out what the client and the job seeker is really looking for. You would be surprised at how often the job spec changes following a meaningful discussion with a knowledgeable recruitment partner and likewise with candidates who may not have considered alternative opportunities.
  • Understands that the “right person for the job” may not be immediately evident – you just need to know where to look!


Finding the right person to fill a job is significant for all employers, regardless of the size of the organisation as it impacts both short and long term.

And finding a secure, satisfying job that provides ongoing opportunities is the outcome that we hold for all of our job seekers.