If you have recently decided or cannot decide to change jobs because you feel fearful, overwhelmed by the upcoming process – trust me you are not alone! Making the decision to change your job / employer can be quite daunting and scary for various reasons…

  • Am I making the right decision?
  • What if I regret my decision?
  • What do I really want to do?
  • How is my Manager going to react when I resign?
  • How will this change effect my family/life?

There are so many things to consider when changing employers and to be honest it is a big deal because it effects every other part of your life, so you should take it seriously and think things through before you take action and have a plan of attack.

Firstly, assess your reason for leaving? Can your current employer change or assist you in any way before you engage in the outside market?

  1. As an employer myself – I know I would want the opportunity to fix / amend the working environment for my employees before they started looking in the market, so maybe it is worthwhile having the conversation with your direct Manager first before engaging with the market.
  2. Clearly identify the types of positions you are interested in and only go for those positions – don’t be sold into roles that you know wont satisfy you long term.
  3. Location – as this is a long term decision you want to ensure you can commit to your next employer for the long term therefore travel time is a big factor when changing jobs
  4. Types of employers – its not about the size of the company but the values it upholds. Unfortunately, some hiring managers are not transparent and honest about the internal workings of their organisation so it is crucial you do your research to ensure you are joining an employer that is reputable and professional.
  5. Agencies – when engaging with a recruitment agency ensure they have a good reputation on the market and that they understand and support your career goals – no one agency works with all employers in their sector so registering with 2 or even 3 is more than enough to be able to uncover all opportunities for you.
  6. Upskill your interviewing skills – if you haven’t been for an interview for a while it would be worthwhile doing some online research for interview techniques and questions and start preparing at home before you engage in the outside world
  7. Support crew – before you become a job seeker ensure you have the support of your family and friends.

As long as you do some mental and practical preparation it will help you make the right decisions and put your best foot forward.

Good Luck!