Australian Farmers are constantly fighting to keep produce sold in Australia Australian. But when they’re not working out the best ways to grow produce in harsh conditions, they’re often excelling on the international stage. Whilst Australia is often recognized for our animal agriculture, we are also home to many large horticulture markets. Farmers from around Australia have struggled through drought, floods and fires over the past few years to continue production. They have seen avocado shortages and banana ‘famines’ and yet they continue to bounce back with the boundaries of innovation in Australian horticulture continually tested.

So how is Australian produce recognized on the international stage?

Midway through November, in fact, Australian farmers and those associated with the produce industry will be present in Dubai for the World of Perishables Dubai exhibition. This exhibition will see Australian producers have the opportunity to promote their produce and push Australian-exported produce further into the world market. Currently, Australia already exports many types of produce to Dubai, however this exhibition could see this market increase even more due to appreciation for the quality of Australia produce.

At this time, we also have to pay reference to AUSVEG. AUSVEG, as their mantra states, represent the interests of growers. They aim to help govern and assist growers with research and development that meets the needs of the vegetable industry. AUSVEG announced on their website in October that AUSVEG and PMA Australia-New Zealand have teamed up with Australian Organic to host Hort Connections in Adelaide in May 2017. Hort Connections is a trade show that provides an opportunity for every part of the supply chain to meet, exchange ideas and explore options for horticulture in the Australasian region.

Australia has long been present on the international export market for produce. We have lots of diversity when it comes to both soils and climate, which means that we are able to grow a larger variety of produce. Australia is seen on the world stage as a supplier of safely grown produce which is subject to stringent safety standards. Hopefully, the continuing participation by Australian producers in exhibitions and international events will continue to see Australian export rise and the Australian-branded produce continue to shine.