Alison May – Talent Consultant, Global Supply Chain and Logistics

Managing the hiring process of staff can be a complex task. It is such an important element to the success of an organisation that should be overlooked by an experienced Employment Expert.

Recruitment Agencies come in all different shapes and forms within the Global Supply Chain and Logistics Industry. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have very similar structures however they all possess very different vertical markets.

Due to the specialised nature of the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry its best you stick with a specialised recruiter within a specialised location, such as Path4 Group.

A recruiter such as LSA offers an expert dynamic to the hiring processes within a particular market. The main benefits for a Supply Chain and Logistics organisation using a specialised recruiter are:

  • A data base of candidate information and access to the ‘real story’ on all many
    individuals currently working in Supply Chain.
  • A recruiter will actively manage the expectation process of each applicant in a
    way that will strengthen your Supply Chain brand.
  • Time saving through Process streamlining and only interviewing extremely compatible individuals.
  • Employment advice on appropriate inductions for experience levels.
  • Access to market intelligence on the best time to hire, succession planning strategies
    and salary ranges.
  • Current employment law updates.
  • A strong industry relationship that is connected to many other Supply Chain and Logistics professionals.

This specialised industry holds so many roles that requires unique experience; such as Import/ Export Operations, Inventory Analysts, Customer Service and even Business Development. A specialised recruiter in the Supply Chain industry within Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane understands these experience requirements and what other roles hold the transferrable skills to be successful in another Logistics department.

Don’t underestimate the power and benefits a specialised recruiter can bring and utilise their hiring expertise within the Global Supply Chain and Logistics Industry next time you consider your employment options.