Creating opportunities for Australia’s young job seekers

There is no doubt that our universities are producing a generation of talented young people who are articulate, motivated and understand the value of building a solid resume with as [...]

Where are your brand ambassadors?

Selecting which recruitment agency your company should partner with is a significant decision and one that goes well beyond the selection of suitably skilled candidates. A recent decision by the [...]


What do Nordstrom shoes and the Aussie food industry have in common?

Anyone who has enjoyed online shopping in existing international stores over the past few years would, without doubt, be lamenting the fall in our dollar.   But, as with most things, [...]

FIAQ thoughts on “Food Wasters” initiative

Are we a nation of “food wasters”? A small group of students from University of Queensland and Griffith University have recently initiated a drive to change the view of Australian [...]


Queensland Jobs – 1 in 5 of the nation’s workers

Source:  Australian Jobs 2015 With around 2.3 million people employed in Queensland, the sunshine state is responsible for 1 in 5 of Australia’s workers.  And, although Queensland is usually seen, [...]


New South Wales jobs – 2015

Source: joboutlook.gov.au Statistics, particularly those from the Australian Bureau of Statistics can, without doubt, be somewhat dry and tedious to wade through.  They can also be valuable in understanding the [...]

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