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6 Tips for Better Brand Management

When I was growing up we had no Easter Bunnies nor loads of chocolate for Easter. What a different story now! Often you can buy Easter chocolate as early as [...]

What do Nordstrom shoes and the Aussie food industry have in common?

Anyone who has enjoyed online shopping in existing international stores over the past few years would, without doubt, be lamenting the fall in our dollar.   But, as with most things, [...]

The link between millennials, smartphones and small food organisations

At a recent summit of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women (USA) there was a general acceptance that the food industry is experiencing significant change that will, without question, continue to escalate.  [...]

Chicken or the Egg dilemma?

We all thought that was tough question but anyone who has stood in front of the “egg section” at the local supermarket knows how confusing the purchase of a dozen [...]

Are we losing our ability to Focus?

Author:  Jana Cameron, PATH4 Food I have been reading a new book by Daniel Goleman called Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence. Goleman is an expert on emotional intelligence and [...]

Peel the Onion!

Author: Jana Cameron, PATH4 Food Have you ever wondered what happened to the person you thought was a great hire? What went wrong in the hiring process? What was it [...]

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