Tips For A Job Seeker | PATH4 Group

You may think that your job is hard work, but do you ever think back to how hard it was to get one. Finding the right job can be hard [...]

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How Do I Get A Job? | PATH4 Group

Say you have just graduated and the world is your oyster. Or you have been in the same role for so long and are looking to mix things up. What [...]

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Top 5 questions candidates ask their Recruiter | PATH4 Logistics

As an experienced Interviewer, I have met many different people who are looking for very different things in the same job market.  The stakes are higher now than ever before [...]

Resume Writing 101: 6 tips to succeed | PATH4 Group

Writing a good resume is an art. You need to ensure that your resume is perfect, eloquent and well suited to each and every position that you apply for. Here [...]

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What does a Recruitment Agency do? | PATH4 Group

Recruitment agencies simplify the recruitment process for both organisation and candidate. They become the sole point of contact to assist with the hiring process. From the employer and their organisation [...]


To Go or To Stay – The Dilemma of Changing Jobs

We’ve all faced the question at some time in our career and if you consider that careers of Australian men and women are now expected to last for approximately 50 [...]

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