There is no doubt that our universities are producing a generation of talented young people who are articulate, motivated and understand the value of building a solid resume with as much volunteer work and other work experience as possible.


The big question for these graduates however is where they will find a job that will allow them to use and develop their skills.  With sobering statistics of over 13% for youth unemployment (15 to 24 year olds), it is an issue that requires a consolidated approach by both business and government.  But even then, it is a multifarious challenge with few paths to a solution and while some commentators argue that the key to getting more young people employed is stronger economic growth, that goal is proving elusive with Australia’s growth rate floundering close to zero (ABS: September economic data).

In taking a long term view however, there are specific examples of businesses that are taking a proactive role in providing a foot in the door to Australia’s young graduates.  The Australian Human Resources Institute launched a work experience competition that matched HR students with employers such as Red Cross and Qantas.  This not only provides these graduates with valuable work experience but also exposes organisations to the benefits of offering work experience or internship programs.

Our own graduate program, developed and managed through PATH4 Logistics has also gone a long way in generating valuable opportunities for graduates within the logistics industry.   The PATH4 Logistics Graduate Program not only supports our young people but also raises the bar of performance for the industry through their partnership with the Top 10 logistics providers in Australia.