Author:  Nicole Reynolds, National Business Partner – PATH4 Logistics

Our experiences help shape us, but it’s important to leave room for growth.

Alison and I recently attended a NAWO (National Association of Women in Operations) event hosted by Kimberly Clark. Nathan Basha was one of the speakers on the day. Nathan has Down syndrome and his personal quest in life is to change common mindsets when viewing people with disabilities. He has spoken at international and national conferences, political forums, universities, schools and workshops.

PATH4 Logistics1One of Nathan’s focus areas is encouraging people to have a Growth Mindset rather than a Fixed Mindset. A growth mindset refers to having a vision for greatness in human potential. A Fixed Mindset is focused on doing things the same way – the old way.

Nathans speech struck a very real chord with me. His message is centred on people being aware of their preconceived ideas and their biases towards other people. He asked us to open up our minds to new ways of thinking; to see the greatness and potential of all people around us.

In recruitment you often have the opportunity to ‘hear the way people think’. Whether it be the client or candidate, each side has their Fixed Mindset. Clients often have biases when hiring people based on previous experiences. Candidates often have preconceived ideas of a company’s culture and style.

I think we can agree we all have biases. I think it is important for us to recognise them and ensure they do not limit our thinking, as we then limit our opportunity for greatness.

I ask ….Do you have a Fixed or Growth Mindset?