Author: Alison May – Talent Consultant, Global Supply Chain and Logistics

There is no doubt that Technology is ranked high on the priority list when discussing launching, improving or streamlining business solutions. The majority of Australian Freight Forwarders are now deploying web-based order management systems and services to streamline the way in which information is exchanged with partners, customers and 3PL bodies.

The awareness of implementing a strong IT system is rapidly expanding across all Australian Transport and Supply companies and smarter working procedures are being witnessed as a result.

The big and small of it all:

As important as centralised CRM systems are for the whole organisation, it’s equally as important to re-think the way you manage your technology needs between staff members. A report done by Nick Martindale states that: Companies are increasingly taking the ‘bring your own device’ approach to IT use. According to the Aberdeen Group, between 2008 and 2012, the number of organisations permitting employee-owned mobile devices for business purposes grew from 10 to more than 80%. It is also reported that more than 60 % of workers around the world use a personal device in some form every day at work.

Some Australian Logistics providers have adopted this strategy within their management team and have found some interesting results:

  • When the Order Management system was downloaded onto their personal devices, time efficiencies were faster and client interaction was more accessible.
  • Problems were solved faster and employees were able to track progress in real time, more regularly.
  • It has re-defined KPI tracking and has changed internal incentive programs

The Future of Logistics:

The strong correlation between and technology and performance has resulted in companies large and small achieving truly amazing things. predicts that; ‘the future of electronic trading will see improved integration of freight forwarding systems into other core business applications. We are already observing forwarding companies linking their freight forwarding software into Customs authorities. Some freight forwarders are also looking to integrate with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Technology will continue to play a huge role in the development of the Australian Logistics and Supply Chain Management Production and will endure to strengthen Australia’s competitiveness on a global scale. ‘Watch this space’ for the changes developing within the next 5 years.