One of the most challenging tasks that any company goes through is what Jim Collins (author of Good to Great) calls “getting the right people on the bus” aka recruitment. The other day when travelling interstate, I picked up a book “The Real Life MBA” by Jack Welch, one the exceptional leaders of the last century whom just quoted Jim Collins classed as a Level 5 Leader.

According to Jack Welch, there are two main reasons why hiring is so “darn hard”. First, there are people that interview like pros but implode when faced with real work. Lesson learnt – the candidates good interviewing skills don’t always mean the person can do the job. And vice versa – you can miss out on a great person if they do not interview well. Secondly, sometimes the problem is the hiring manager who focuses on skill X but what was needed was skill Y. Or they have failed to notice a “team-killing” personality.

Jack suggests to ensure that the candidate is aligned with your mission. In other words, your hiring checklist should include specific skills and behaviours that you’ve ascertained will achieve the mission. It also should include integrity and five components of emotional intelligence (EQ) – self-regulation, self-awareness, internal motivation, empathy, and social skills.

Here is what else Jack puts on the hiring checklist:

  • IQ – you need to surround yourself with smart people
  • Personality matters, especially the bad one. Hire positive people.
  • Beware of drama-queens. Highly creative people often display excess emotionality. Is this worth the cost?
  • Reference checking – many reference checks are BS, find someone who really knows the candidate, and then LISTEN.

Jack also talks about how to retain your stars. He says it’s very simple – you have to keep them happy. That happens through money and “wow” culture. That means positive energy, opportunity to speak up and be heard, freedom from stupid bureaucracy, and the chance to make a real impact. A place where great ideas that don’t work are admired for the effort, where people get promoted for their performance rather than requisite hours, and everyone understands the meaning of their contribution.

And that’s it! Simples!  Or not…

And that’s where we come in, here at Path4 Food we have a combined 50+ years experience, and can help you navigate between awesome and ordinary.

Image Credit: Flazingo via Flickr