Our world has changed significantly with the COVID19 pandemic and businesses have had to adapt new processes and policies at a swift pace. While we have experienced an inevitable downturn in the industry, companies still have the need to onboard new team members. As trade picks up and new hires increase in the coming months, it’s vital to have a solid induction process in place that accommodates our ‘new normal’.

Setting Up For Success

We know that an employee’s first few weeks are critical in determining their long term success. While the customary induction process of face-to-face introductions and making connections might not be possible, video conferences with key personnel can be set up for the same purpose.

Fundamentals Remain Unchanged

The ultimate goal is to provide your new team member the big picture of the company, their team and their role. The new employee should still feel welcome and valued. If in-person interactions are limited, make use of technology – a virtual welcome pack for instance.

Utilise Technology

Now is the time to lean on your IT experts! Have you got robust platforms that allow for e-learning, online collaboration, instant messaging and virtual meetings? Even if they must work remotely, your new team member should feel connected and confident they can find answers to their questions.

Follow Up

Everybody values clear communication and transparency. Don’t forget to check in and explicitly ask your new employee how they are settling in and if they need anything additional to achieve success.

The pandemic may have changed the way we do business, but the principles behind protecting your greatest investment (your people) are still the same!



We are here to support your business in these unique times. We continue to maintain our network of highly qualified Freight Forwarding professionals in Operations, Customer Services, Transport and Customs.

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