Do you ever feel like you’ve got so much crammed into your brain that you can’t fit anything else? It might go something like this:

Finish report in the morning for work, get carrots for dinner, call Dad back about his computer problem, return library books, take kids to soccer practice, clean the bathroom, RSVP to friend’s party, schedule bill payments, get the car serviced, etc, etc…

This ‘mental load’ is the burden of your mental to-do list – remembering, planning, scheduling and executing all those things that must be done to manage your personal and professional lives.

So how can you lighten your mental load? Proactively and without guilt!

  • Delegate – the most important skill for reducing your load. Share out the household tasks between all members of the house. Everyone can and should pitch in. If you’re the chief decision-maker at home, pass on some responsibilities to your partner.
  • Forget perfection – your house doesn’t need to look like a Home Beautiful photo shoot. If you’re putting extra stress on yourself trying to maintain a pristine home, take a more pragmatic view.
  • Say yes to less – are your weekends/ evenings overpacked with social occasions, kids sports, etc? Free up some time to actually relax.
  • Take yourself out of the loop – don’t be afraid to tell your work colleagues that you don’t want to be cc’d on every email.
  • Let people make mistakes – stop yourself swooping in when something isn’t being done ‘the right way’, or you’ll end up doing everything yourself (again). Let others do things their way and accept it.

It might take some time to set up these good habits but the long-term pay-off is certainly worth it.  Start freeing up some precious mental space!