We are all busy these days, especially at this time of year when things ramp up to the next level! However, there are a few things you can do to ensure you look after yourself at this time of year. These are practical and easy things you can achieve should you wish:

Say No – Don’t over commit yourself to too many events or social functions. Ensure you have a few hours off on your weekend to have quality down time

Ask for help – At home or work, it’s ok to ask for help or assistance. It is important to share the workload with your family (kids included!) and the team at work.

Fresh air – Get off your screen and get some fresh air. It will do wonders for your mind and your energy levels.

Take a break – From lunch breaks to down time and taking annual leave, these are all highly important functions you should be adopting in your day to day life.

Vent – Releasing tension through words is always good therapy. But ensure your audience is okay at their end to be there to support you.

Turn your phone on silent – Those dreaded ‘dings’, making you jump to ensure you look at your emails or social media pages…turn it off!

Quiet time – Walking (no phone required!), reading a book, or whatever it is that you like, getting an hour or so of interrupted time to yourself does wonders for the soul.

Cry – I read an article today that advised that a good cry can relieve stress, whether it be from a movie or a good book, having a good cry can do wonders.

Get support – Without support around you, the above would be impossible, so communicate and set some good habits for yourself and all those around you.

All the above is achievable, even if you adopt / change / modify only one or all over a period of time you will eventually have better balance in your life.

– Nicole