All to often we humans go about our day on auto-pilot and do the same thing every day, we form habits and are often unaware of them, for example – you may take a flight of stairs always starting with the same foot, put your handbag on the same shoulder, get your morning coffee at the same café served by the same person, talk to the same people in the lunch room, drive the same way to and from work EVERY DAY. How boring!

This is not only prevalent behaviour in our personal life – this also extends to our professional life.

Are you attending work on auto-pilot or are you questioning the status quo?

Are you copying what has always been done before or are you thinking of a better way to do things?

Are you looking to employ the same people from the same industry or are you looking for new and innovative talent?

The list goes on…

Yes we have to conform on some level however in this rapidly changing world we live in today we need to progress and become smarter and more efficient than ever before to stay successful in our professional world.

I ask you to change one habit a day – this causes a ripple effect in a positive way.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Next team meeting speak up if you never have or if you are the opposite and have way too much to say – zip it and listen
  2. Talk to someone new – you never know what you can learn from them
  3. Suggest a process improvement that has been on your mind
  4. Drink one less cup of coffee in the day
  5. Drive a different way to or from work – its good for your brain!

It is so important to see things from a different angle, it ignites your brain and stimulates change. We are designed to grow and to create change so embrace it! This is just one small achievable way that can help you grow on the inside and expand your internal horizon.