Statistics, particularly those from the Australian Bureau of Statistics can, without doubt, be somewhat dry and tedious to wade through.  They can also be valuable in understanding the job market.  Over the next month we will provide a snapshot of a recent Government report on jobs in Australia, looking specifically at different subsets.

This first article in the series relates to employment in New South Wales.  Firstly, some underlying facts relating to jobs in New South Wales:

  • NSW h as the largest population of any Australian state
  • Almost one in three Australians lives and works in New South Wales
  • In the period from 2009-2014, employment rose by 6.5% or 220,800
  • Sydney accounts for about two thirds of employment across the state

Largest employing industries

Collectively we have three industry sectors that account for almost one third of employment in New South Wales.  They are in Health Care & Social Assistance, Retail Trade and Construction.

Additionally, in the period from 2009-2014, employment increased in almost 75% of the reportable industries (ie in 14 or the 19 industries) and no surprises which industries were the strongest throughout this period:

  • Rental, Hiring & Real Estate Services (up by 31.6%), and
  • Construction (up by 19.3%)

Post-School Qualifications

The career opportunities that are afforded those who take on studies after leaving secondary school are clearly not lost on New South Wales workers with around 67% of workers holding a post-school qualification, compared with 66% nationally.

Additionally, NSW workers are more likely to have studies at university than the national average – 32% in NSW compared to 29% nationally.

PATH4 Group Graduate Program

In recent years PATH4 Logistics introduced a self-designed initiative specifically to the Logistics industry, having observed that industry’s human resource needs and desire to attract new talent to this global industry sector.

The result of partnering logistics organisations with graduates from various disciplines (including Business,  Economics, Supply Chain & Logistics and Management) is twofold  – the creation of excellent career pathways and a boost to the talent pool of some of Australia’s  major logistics organisations.