Author:  Alison May, Graduate Specialist – PATH4 Logistics

As the working world constantly changes and evolves, so to must our managers and leaders.

The work place is very different today compared to what it was like in the past. Processes have changed, laws have strengthened and technology is dominant.  The work force is now more transparent and accessible than ever before.

Through the years of change, the evolution of the ‘Modern Manager’ has risen to take over the ‘Old School Manager’. The ideologies that Modern Managers possess are crucial for a bright business future. The main qualities of a Modern Manger are:

Accessibility: They are ‘people orientated’. Great managers set enough time to spend with each member of their team to listen to the daily challenges and gain understanding of their duties. The more time you invest in them, the more productivity and motivation they will invest in you.

Accountability: Great managers pitch in with the daily duties of the team during peak busy times. They will lead by example and stay back to assist.

Technologically Savvy: This does not mean all modern managers are computer geniuses, however a strong understanding of how important systems are in the daily operation of their team is crucial. Investment and training can help assist with productivity and forecasting.

Flexibility:  The days of 9 to 5 are no longer the norm. Great managers know that peoples’ lives are different and therefore may require different working hours. To attract and retain great staff, a manager must also offer great conditions and flexible hours.

The future of the work force is looking bright with Modern Managers leading the way to a flexible and happy environment.