Author: Alison May – Talent Consultant, Global Supply Chain and Logistics

Melbourne is considered a very strong state within Australia for employment opportunities and stable economic growth. A report released in 2012 analyses the biggest growth areas over the past 10 years, the results are quiet interesting for the Manufacturing / Supply Chain and Transport Industries.

Here is what the Government funded study concluded:

Manufacturing/ Supply Chain:

Manufacturing jobs have increased by 20,000 over the past 5 years. However this is still a 20,000 job decrease compared to 10 years ago. This implies that market confidence after the GFC has re-gained and Manufacturing organisations are more inclined to start producing stock again within Australian shores. However the height of the job opportunities reached a massive 245,000 in 2001. At present the job opportunities within Victoria Manufacturing and Supply Chain sit around 220,000.


The Melbourne Transport Industry tells a different story. Currently in 2013, there is a massive 110,000 Job opportunities within Melbourne alone. This represents one of the highest job increases recorded in the study, representing a 100,000 job number increase over the past 5 years. Suggested reasons for this include the rise in domestic Freight deliveries due to the online shopping phenomenon, and the flexibility for couriers to own their own vehicles, drivers and transport businesses.

Melbourne’s overall Trading Performance:

Like most major cities, the employment figures are very high in the areas classified as ‘CBD/ suburban’ compared to rest of the state. Over the past 10 years, the Melbourne CBD has overall increased job numbers across all industries. Factors for the across the board growth include the ageing population which boosts up the states population as a whole. The Manufacturing/ Supply Chain and Transport industries are spreading the Job growth down towards to the Freight Ports which are located across various locations in VIC. In total they contribute to a massive 500,000 jobs for the VIC population and ensures our Imports and Exports are stable.