Alison May – Talent Consultant, Global Supply Chain and Logistics

Does online networking translate into jobs?

Social media may not be a recruitment silver bullet after all, with traditional methods of job advertising remaining first choice for employers. Where social media is proving helpful, however, it is providing background information on candidates and employers. A survey of more than 700 candidates and 400 hiring managers in Australia and New Zealand found that 42 per cent of employers still prefer traditional jobs boards when filling a role. A further 24 per cent will employ a recruitment agency, 19 per cent will advertise on their own website, seven per cent turn to existing contacts and a mere six per cent  post ads on LinkedIn. Just two per cent will promote a position on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s a similar story for candidates, with 49 per cent preferring to apply via job boards, 30 per cent through recruitment agencies, 11 per cent drawing on contacts, and five per cent applying directly through an employer’s website. Only five per cent of job hunters will peruse ads on social media.

While social media may not be the preferred platform for promoting roles, the study found that it can provide strong insight for employers in determining whether a candidate is suitable for a position, even before they have sat in the interview chair. Of the employers surveyed, 63 per cent said they do utilise social media for background checks on job seekers.

It was a similar response for prospective employees, with 46 per cent reviewing a potential employers LinkedIn profile to help them decide if the company is the right fit.