Author:  Nicole Reynolds, National Business Partner – PATH4 Logistics

Finding a job these days is certainly not easy – let alone finding the right role to suit your passion.

The key to finding a great job is to find your passion. What are you passionate about? Inevitably if you find your passion you will find your purpose. If you are employed in a job that gives you purpose you are going to perform well in the role and the company. This is my number one piece of advice for staying off the Roller Coaster… or preferably never getting on it in the first place.

PATH4 Logistics 3Here are my top tips for finding the position that will keep you off the Job Hunting Roller Coaster:

The Right Company – The right company for you may not be the right company for me. In other words, we all tick differently and so do organisations – this is what they term ‘company culture’. This is a very good interviewee question: ‘Describe your company culture?’
Hopefully the interviewer will be honest with you. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is! Do your research about the company – how stable they are, if they value their employees, if their vision aligns with yours. If you have access to people you trust or associations in the industry, they are a good source of information.

The Right Role – Before you job hunt, take time to sit and think about what you truly enjoy doing. We are all built differently and we all enjoy doing different tasks. I like talking to people. You may like analysing data in spreadsheets. Be honest with yourself. Put the money aside and find out what you like doing and what you are good at doing. This is a sure way of finding what you are passionate about and what gives you purpose. It will also keep you off the Roller Coaster.

The Right Location – ‘Yes I will drive 2 hours each way for a job I love.’ Will you really? There is no point in taking a job that doesn’t suit your lifestyle or location. Best to wait for the right position than have to start again in 6 months’ time.

The Right Salary – This is a tricky one. We all need to make a living and earn what we are worth. However, sometimes the right long term career choice might mean a sideways move or even a drop in pay. I was told by a wise man very early on in my career (my Dad), ‘If you do a good job the money will take care of itself.’ Best advice I ever got because it’s true.
If you get the rest of it right (the company, the people, the job functions and your passion) you will excel in your job and the right salary will follow.

Sometimes reviewing the simple things will make a significant difference.