The job market is incredibly competitive, there is a huge amount of advertisements being posted every day on the growing amount of job boards.  There is a shortage of qualified and experienced candidates especially in the food manufacturing industry which makes the recruitment strategy you use extremely important.

Many of the candidates your recruiter will contact will come from their network not just putting an ad on the internet so the more attractive your role the more passive and quality candidates will be knocking on your door.  Some professions like food technologists and quality managers are hot property so the “perks” to joining your company are key.

Following are some ideas you can try in your quest to find the perfect candidate.

Broaden your job requirements

Limit your must haves to widen your applicant base, ensure that your position has a clear recruitment path for the future and be as flexible as possible with the salary range.  Ensure that you are clear about the responsibilities and requirements of the position. 

Be Flexible

Before and definitely since Covid-19 the benefits of flexible working is becoming more and more important.  Candidates want flexibility to work from home or different than usual hours to fit in with their families. Promote the balance your company offers to potential candidates.  Can you offer something extra?

Add perks

Many of the big players are dream employers for most candidates.  They offer amazing perks that are the standard for their employees.  Look into offering Gym Memberships, health insurance policies, discount holidays, a games area in the office.  The list is endless of what can make your company more attractive.

Have a great onboarding plan

An attractive and comprehensive onboarding plan is essential when attracting great candidates, a thorough and welcoming start will set the tone of your company to your potential and new employees from the start.

Offer Referral incentives

A referral incentive program is a mutually beneficial setup. It encourages the current employees to refer quality talent and earn rewards, such as money, discount vouchers, gift coupons, etc. and the company gains a stellar candidate