Author:  Nicole Reynolds, National Business Manager – PATH4 Logistics

It has become apparent to me in the last few years that many businesses in our industry (Forwarding) have succession planning challenges.

Just a few months ago I had a total of 4 Senior Account Manager positions vacant with 4 different multinational organisations. I thought, how can this be? Why do these large businesses not have suitable existing employees they could transition into these roles?

I digress…

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend GROWTH SUMMIT: Growing The Leaders In Your Business, facilitated by The Growth Faculty. One of the key note speakers was Jim Collins, the famous author of ‘Good to Great’. He was amazing and inspiring (I wish every business person could experience his foresight and wisdom). My favourite Jim Collins quote of the day: ‘The single most important skill a leader can have is the ability to hire well.’ …Well he had me at ‘hello’.

It made me think… if organisations develop a sustainable long term recruitment strategy from the very bottom, hiring people based on their aptitude, attitude and potential rather than just experience on the job, they may achieve better succession planning for the future. This would be both time efficient and cost effective for the company.

I find organisations ‘go cheap’ or hire ‘people who know people’ or only want the ‘3 years experience’ just to fill in the gap without weighing up the longer term potential of the individual. Sacrificing quality for the sake of cost/ ease at the junior level, will create down the line – a cost that is three times higher when hiring at the top!

At PATH4 we are committed to a better long term recruitment strategy for the future development of our industry. We want to work with companies who want to join us on our PATH for the future. The industry is in a cultural shift and we need to adopt better recruitment methods.

If you would like to discuss a better solution for your organisation, you can contact me direct on 0459 100 306.