So you’ve just had a great job interview and you feel pretty confident. Now it’s time to relax and wait for the offer, right? In reality the process is still on-going. There are a few things that you can do (plus some things to avoid) that will ensure you have the best chance possible for securing that dream role.

Follow up

Keep it confidential
Never disclose the job details you have discussed or the salary on offer. Sharing information about the hiring process on social media is also an absolute no-no. In our close-knit industry, word spreads quickly. Remember: loose lips sink ships!

Don’t burn bridges
Even if you have a bad experience it’s definitely not advisable to bad-mouth the hiring manager or the company. Again, people can and will talk. You don’t want your negative comments/ venting to come back to haunt you down the track.

Be consistent with salary expectations
As recruiters we have seen this happen. After the interview a candidate is feeling very confident and suddenly wants to significantly increase their salary expectations. Resist the urge! Do your research on the role and your market value before the interview and put yourself forward at the right salary. Don’t try to re-negotiate at the 11th hour.

Send a thank you
Sending a short email to thank the hiring manager (either directly or through your recruiter) takes very little time and shows that you are both interested in the role and take care to follow things up.
Note: Do not pester them – one simple follow up is enough.

As recruitment specialists, our job is to guide you through the entire hiring process. So don’t be afraid to ask questions and use our expertise!

Author:  Nicole Reynolds, PATH4 Global Logistics