Author:  Alison May, Talent Consultant- Global Supply Chain and Logistics

The general recruitment trends in Victoria are mixed across the board. There is no overly stable pattern to suggest an increase or decrease and at any given time, the employment rates are varied.

On average the vacancy rate calculated for Victoria is: 16 vacancies per 100 people in the work force. This rate was increased in 2011 to 22 vacancies per 100 people and then decreased again in 2012 with 18 vacancies per 100 staff.

Why do the Employment figures fluctuate?

There are many reasons why the employment rate can fluctuate. For Example:

  • The Stability of the Local and Global Economy
  • The value of the Australian Dollar
  • Government centre link incentives
  • The tax charge on small and large businesses that determine cost of operation
  • Shortage of skilled workers
  • Natural disasters

The growth of the Victorian Market

There are strong signs to suggest that the Victorian job market is growing. It may not be a traditional growth pattern however many people are finding the areas of market potential to grow a successful business. The strong industry sectors at 2013 include:

  • Trade and Construction
  • Corporate Sales
  • Health

Within the past 2 years, there has been an increase to the number of Organisation Head Quarters being located in Melbourne compared to any other state in Australia. The reasons for this are unknown however suggestions have been: Sydney is very expensive to run a major Head-quartered Operation and job application satisfaction are higher in Melbourne.