Author:  Alison May, Graduate Specialist – PATH4 Logistics

The world we live in now is a clashing force of new technologies and social patterns mixed with old school thinkers and ‘traditional’ values. This can often be a confusing combination that can leave some generations with little understanding for the next. The challenge we seem to be facing is how do we all work together to achieve a mutual understanding and tolerance for one another?

The workforce is a shining example of the ‘old and new’ competing in this new emerging world. With everything happening at a rapid pace it’s important that we consider the respect and change of new ideas and new generations.

The definition of success has changed in most of the leading global organisations: As the new emerging leaders are slotting into the big chairs, the emphasis on creating success for everyone involved in the organisation far outweighs the success of one individual at the top.

Meredith Sadin – a Political Communications Advisor for Barrack Obama conducted a study on 64,000 people across 13 countries who hold a range of different positions in corporate organisations. A simple question was asked: What traits make a good leader?

The results came in with a definite preference for the following ‘new world’ traits:

  • Flexibility
  • Loyalty
  • Openness
  • Expressive
  • Relatable
  • Empathy

Practicing these traits at any employee level promotes and achieves mutual respect and success for everyone within the organisations (old world or new world).

Everyone has the power to contribute harmoniously to our ‘new emerging world’. There’s no reason why this ‘new/ old work force ‘can’t be the best one yet!