‘Culture Add’  is the hiring trend that revamps the old culture fit precedents and focusses on valuing people with diverse backgrounds and different points of views, which in turn has a positive effect on the organisation’s performance.

I was so happy to see there was a term for this way of thinking! In my profession I am working with organisations where they are solely focused on ‘fit’ when hiring – which is in essence wanting more of the same of what they already have.

What is the value of this type of thinking long term?

This paragraph sums it up perfectly from a recent SEEK article:

“More and more, organisations are looking for diversity of experience, demographics and ways of thinking,” say Kinkaid. “If we focus too much on ‘cultural fit’ we might run the risk of selecting more people who ‘fit the mould’ rather than helping us build a team that will add value and help drive our success, while still being aligned to our values.”

With a global talent crisis looming, organisations will be forced to source from all over the globe to ensure they have the best people for their business. Hence why this new way of thinking is required.

Is your company ready to embrace the Culture Add philosophy?

– Nicole