In my game (recruitment) people are frequently judged by their job title first and then maybe, if they are lucky, their experience. I found myself yesterday during a phone interview with a candidate looking at her profile and role titles she had held. I then questioned her on why she had that title when the functions of the role were not aligned to the role title.


She was a Project Manager in job title, yet was a Program Manager in everyday functions. What gave the game away was the number of concurrent projects she ran and the size of the team of Project Managers she had working for her.


In 2012 a study was done in the US by which showed that recruiters only spend an average of 6.25 seconds looking at a candidate’s résumé before deciding whether he or she is a fit for a role.

The study shows that recruiters spend 80% of that six seconds looking at just six things:


Current title/company

Previous title/company

Previous position, start and end dates

Current position, start and end dates


Apparently most recruiters don’t have time to read between the lines……..It got me wondering if I have lasted a bit longer than most because I do read between the lines?

So if you are sending your resume out to the market how do you get the attention of the recruiter or the hiring manager if you have an average of 6.25 seconds to grab their attention??

In recruitment we spend a huge amount of time reading resumes, viewing LinkedIn profiles and reading cover letters every single day. At PATH4 Group we pride ourselves on our ability to find the best talent available and apart from speaking with thousands of people every year we utilise the latest in Contextual search, Boolean search and of course referrals, networking and any other means to dig out the right people.

In my opinion, to be noticed “quickly” you need a hook, something to really grab the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager. Once they see the hook they will be more inclined to read on and hopefully read on in more detail. At PATH4 Group we look for hooks, we are always looking for that point of difference.

In my opinion there is too much emphasis placed on the fluffy stuff and too many people do not cut to the chase. They do not target their response to the role they are applying for and they seem keen to tell me about their gardening exploits on the weekend and that they love to have dinner with their family over a glass of red wine.

With that perfect job at stake, now is not the time to be left out because your profile did not catch the eye of the recruiter or hiring manager.

So with the year in full swing, pack away your gardening gloves, put the cork back in the bottle and have a look at a couple of handy hints for your resume.

  • Keep It Short
  • Get It Focused On The Role You Are Applying For
  • Cut The Creative Crap
  • Use Cold Hard Facts
  • Get Your Skills At The Top
  • Get Rid Of Your Gardening Exploits, Nobody Cares

If you want to a wealth of experience, feel free to email me your resume and I will give you an honest appraisal for free*

*I will not provide grammatical or spelling checks for you, there are applications for this 🙂

You Are Not Your Job Title – You Are So Much More

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Image credit: Flazingo via Flickr