Don’t just take our word for it…..

A.I. – Candidate

Thank you very much for all you have done to help me to prepare for this opportunity. I am printing the interview guideline out as I write this and will read the material and watch the video later today. Your advice on how to improve my CV was invaluable and I am very grateful for all you have done to introduce me to this excellent employer.  Thanks once again.


L.R. – Candidate

After living and working overseas for a time I contacted Jana when I moved back to Australia. At the time I was unfamiliar with how to go about resuming my Career in the local Food Industry, such as identify positions currently available as well as the general recruitment process.

Jana helped me identify and document my strengths and attributes as a Food Technologist. She mentored me on the right direction, preparing me for interviews and recruitment process in a friendly, kind and supportive way.

I would like to thank Jana for the great position I’ve attained as a R&D Technologist . A result largely due to her expertise and guidance, which made me feel comfortable, well informed and prepared throughout the employment process.


CL – Candidate

I am from France and came to Australia over a year ago. Unable to find a job in the Food Industry at that time, I worked in hospitality in Cairns for a couple of months. Then I applied for a Food Technologist position in Brisbane.

Jana was in charge of the recruitment for that position.  I called her the next day to ask her a few questions as I wasn’t confident in my application. She really helped me out, took the time to know me and shared a lot of tips on interview questions.

Thanks to her I had a successful phone interview followed by a formal interview in Brisbane. I flew from Cairns for that and she even picked me up and review the interview questions with me because I was really nervous!

I will never thank her enough for everything she has done for me. Now I am still working in the same company and got offered a sponsorship earlier this year. Jana is an amazing recruitment professional who wants to know the people and share her experience and advice with them.

I wouldn’t be there without her and I really hope our paths will cross again!


CC – Candidate

When I recently moved to Brisbane, I met a lot of recruitment consultants. Jana had been recommended to me by an interstate colleague and she certainly stands out from the crowd.

She has a personal touch and a caring manner, like a mentor. She seems to have all the time in the world to help by discussing job opportunities, the current market, potential opportunities and job leads.  She obviously has deep knowledge of the food industry in Brisbane and some great tips for interview techniques.

Because of Jana’s help and support, I feel secure in the knowledge that my career will head in the right direction and the role I secure will be the right one.


ES – Candidate

I gave things a thought and I don’t think the position is suitable for me. But thanks for being so informative and transparent about the position and the company in first hand! I think the way we discussed on the phone is very much a 2 way conversation compared to other agents I have dealt with.  Keep in touch.


MB – Candidate

I would like to express my gratitude and say many thanks for all your good works you and your company have done for me to get a job at OSI International Food as a QA technical Officer. The mock interview I did with you at UQ during career workshop has significantly helped me to go through the job interview at OSI with ease. I am feeling so lucky to have met you, hence got a job before even my graduation day this coming December.

I will definitely stay in touch with you.  Thanks a lot once more!


TM – Student at The University of Queensland

Thank you for accepting my invitation. During the workshop on Thursday afternoon, I was inspired and encouraged by your story. My dream is to run a business of laboratory, English is my second language and I am trying to work in Australia and be armed with experience and knowledge. Your story made me faith in my dream and I will go for that really hard. Thanks very much.


SP – Candidate

PATH4 Food is a truly professionally operated recruitment agency. Their attention to detail when dealing with clients is second to none and in my opinion puts them leaps and bounds beyond other such agencies in their field. In particular Jana Cameron is an amazingly skilled individual who is not only quick to find possible vacancies for her clients but also makes every effort to treat each and every client with the dignity, respect and understanding they deserve, she is not prejudice or bias and offers a skilled and knowledgeable opinion to all matters. I highly recommend LSA to anyone who is seeking employment with companies that have strong professional business principals and ethics that value their employees, such is the league of businesses PATH4 Food aligns itself and such are the principals they themselves operate under


JY – Candidate

I approached Jana Cameron when I was retrenched from previous position as I did not know many food companies in Queensland and it had been a long time since I had been through the interview /recruitment process.  I found Jana’s manner open and friendly which was welcoming as I was very nervous.  She was very knowledgeable about the food industry and what was available and took the time to get to know me and to find out what my goals and aspirations were both short term and long term.

I was fortunate that a position was currently available and Jana put my name forward.  She guided me through the interview process and provided me with helpful hints for presentation and follow up. Nothing was too much trouble and for that I appreciate her patience as I was often on the phone with concerns.  Jana has continued to stay in touch to see how I am going and that I am happy in my position.

It is due to Jana’s guidance and knowledge that I have landed this great position. Throughout the recruitment process she kept me informed and well prepared for which I thank her.


KL – Candidate

I have been in Australia for 6 months after emigrating from the UK.  My background is food manufacturing as I was employed for 25 years by one of Europe’s largest dairies in various roles from Shift Management to Factory Management.

My biggest problem once in Australia was getting reliable information from agencies and also feedback on roles applied for.  When I saw the role advertised by PATH4 Food I felt that once again I had found a role that suited my skillset and so applied and rang the agency.

After to speaking to Jana Cameron I was invited down to their offices for an interview to explain myself more fully and go through my past experiences, I was very impressed by Jana’s professionalism and honesty concerning my ability to perform this role as I have had several phone interviews and been up town to see numerous agencies for several roles but all to no avail.

After meeting with Jana I came out of the meeting confident that I suited the role that I had applied for and the fact that Jana was so confident in my ability as well made me feel considerably better that previous meetings with other agencies.

Jana explained how she ensured that she met with clients and fully understood what they required before advertising for roles as this made finding the right candidate easier and quicker.  As expected and promised Jana got back to me when she said she would and secured an interview with my potential new employer which went very well.  Again Jana got back to me asking how I felt it went and then later rang me to give me feedback from the clients which also went well.

So, now I have a job that is ideal for me and that I am enjoying immensely and it has been an enjoyable experience mainly due to the fact that Jana was a total professional and made me feel totally at ease and confident in my application by encouraging me and assuring me that I was right for this role, which turns out was correct.

I cannot praise Jana and PATH4 Food enough as they have contacted me after my first week and first month to ensure that I am doing okay and also gave me feedback from my new employer, which, I hasten to add has all been positive.


BP – Client

I am the Quality Manager of a ready to eat salad manufacturer.  We manufacture high risk (in terms of food safety) food products, which makes using and finding the right people critical.

I have known Jana in a professional sense for approx. four years after relocating to Brisbane for work.  Jana is well known in the Queensland food industry for her tireless efforts in developing and promoting the industry.  The significant relationships that Jana develops with clients and prospective candidates is a clear strength and ongoing benefit.  The time that Jana takes to understand a business and its needs are critical in ensuring that the right candidate is placed.  The relationship does not end once a candidate has been placed but continues with further professional development and support.  The added bonus of training and mentoring that Jana brings to the equation add a significant benefit to using the service provided.

Jana is always contactable and willing to invest the time in personal and business understanding.  The understanding of business requirements is reflected in the standard of candidates put forward.  You can be assured that Jana will work towards the right outcome for a business even if it means that another path is sought.

Jana’s professionalism and understanding of the Queensland food industry make her the standout contact of choice in recruitment and training support.


EB – Candidate

I would just like to thank you for finding me the ideal job.  I have been working for my new company for 2 months now and the position suits me down to the ground. By using your services you were able to link me to the relevant companies that could utilize my skills. I was pleased about the way you prepared me for my interview, as I was not familiar with the recruitment process. You guided me through the interview, preparing me for the possible questions that could be asked which was very helpful. I would also like to congratulate you on the way you worked with me the whole way, keeping me informed and up to date as the application progressed.

I would also like to thank you for keeping in touch with me even after I had taken up the position to ensure that I was content with the decision I had made.

I can highly recommend your agency to anyone looking for a new position; your service was friendly, open and very professional.