We take the complex and make it simple.

Maintaining focus on your core business activities, driving growth and delivering against customer expectations can be challenging enough in today’s rapidly changing world.  Add to this the uncertainly that business is now experiencing through complex legislative requirements, evolving environmental and WHS considerations, and the volatility of the global economy and it becomes clear there is more pressure on business than ever before.

PATH4 Group’s Workforce Solutions are designed to bring clarity to what can often be a daunting landscape of non-core business activities and functions.  Our tailored solutions allow you to get back to what your good at, delivering your core products or services and growing your business

PATH4 Managed Workforce Solutions

People are the heart of any business and as with our hearts, they need looking after and nurturing to ensure longevity and health.  It’s the nurturing, the development and driving increased engagement that tends to soak up a business’ time and resources, ultimately shifting focus away from core business activities.

PATH4’s Managed Workforce Solutions allow you to focus on core business activities, drive growth and achieve your overall business goals while we focus on your people.  Our fully tailored solutions see us take responsibility for your workforce, their management, rostering, performance, productivity, engagement and retention.

Are you like 90% of all business, spending too much time on  people issues and not enough time on growing your business and delivering to your customers?

  • Rostering
  • Workforce Optimisation
  • Shift Coverage
  • Performance Management
  • Absence & Leave Management
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Health Monitoring
  • Drug & Alcohol Teting

Where to focus your energies to achieve the best outcomes and business growth, it’s an age old question and one we often discuss with our clients.

Our Managed Service Solutions are designed to deliver core and non-core services where your business does not have the time, the people, the expertise or an ongoing need.  Path4 can not only provide skills and experience to deliver services on your behalf, but can develop or deliver streamlined and efficient processes to support your business delivering such services at the highest level for the lowest cost.

Our ability to manage end to end service delivery, complimented by our Managed Workforce Solutions sees us take responsibility for your people, process, services and quality and ultimately delivers the best service outcomes for your clients and a boost to your bottom line.

Managing payroll is a complex exercise, our Managed Payroll Solutions are designed to take on that responsibility so you can focus on your core business.

PATH4 provide a cost effective, flexible solution that reduces administration time while providing the comfort of knowing your employees are being managed and paid in line with Site Agreements or in more importantly line with statutory regulations.

Our end-to-end solutions will ensure your payroll is completed accurately and on time while managing your employee on-boarding and compliance.  Our market leading, cloud based solutions offer the latest in data security along with real time hiring manager and employee access, and real time reporting.

HR and Workforce Consulting:

These complex and often misunderstood skills can, if managed knowledgably and professionally, keep you and your business on the right side of HR legislation and out of the sights of FairWork Australia.  The intangible benefits of strong HR policy should not be underestimated with the impact of a positive working environment and a strong culture two such advantages.

  • Role Definition Development
  • Position Description Development
  • Work Instruction Development
  • Performance Framework Development
  • HR Administratin
  • Work Readiness Program Development
  • Ongoing Training & Development

IR & ER Consulting:

The realms of IR and ER change constantly with business continually struggling to keep pace with these ever evolving and complex legislative frameworks.  Mitigating risk on your behalf, Path4 ensure our solutions are market tested, are legislatively compliant and socially acceptable whilst delivering business and bottom line outcomes.


Systems, processes, procedures and work instructions are what we know and what our business and success is built on.   We are able to offer support across the certification process and often take on these responsibilities on behalf of our clients.

  • Policy Development
  • Policy Implementatino
  • Policy Management
  • ISO 9001 Certification support
  • ISO 4801 Certification support
  • ISO 14001 Certification support

Process Improvement & Re-engineering:

Our depth of experience across Workforce Solutions, IR, HR, Quality and Risk positions us ideally to review, assess, amend and re-engineer process.   After a comprehensive review and assessment, a detail improvement plan including process recommendations would be delivered, discussed, agreed and implemented.

Workforce Risk Mitigation:

If people are not your core business, why take the risk?  We have the ability to mitigate or remove risk on your behalf by using a variety of different methods and models.  After an initial assessment of your business risks and exposures a management and mitigation model would be proposed including specific people models, engagement models and process improvements.


Conversations around Workforce Solutions tend to begin with four simple questions explored in depth:

  • What is it that your business is good at?
  • What is it that holds you back from focusing completely on what your good at?
  • Of all the functions that your business currently completes, which ones, if delivered for you, would allow you to focus on building and delivering your core activities?
  • If you could focus solely on your core activities, what sort of growth could the business achieve?

The responses you provide then allow us to design solutions that address your core business issues and ultimately allow you to focus your energies on growing your business. Our approach is not ‘One size fits all’ and will see us tailor our services to the functions and scale to provide optimal value.

Solution Definition

Our ability to design solutions that deliver real value, are scalable and integrate seamlessly into your day to day business underpin our Workforce Solutions business.  Leveraging our scale, your business can access and engage the functional expertise that each of our specialists bring whilst doing so at a significant discount to housing these functions permanently within your business.

Talk with us to understand our guaranteed service uptime.

Integration & Implementation

Seamless integration provides the ultimate user experience and is made possible through a combination of our detailed scoping, our specific and targeted project plans, our use of the latest cloud based technologies and of course, the expertise and experience of our people.

We work tirelessly in the background to ensure the implementation runs smoothly and that the services are delivered with no negative impact to your business operations.  Equally, should you ever wish to move back to an in-house model or to another service provider, our comprehensive documentation and our willingness to work with you to achieve your goals will continue your outstanding user experience.