A survey of 2002 people found that 21 per cent over the age
of 15 have been subjected to sexual harassment in the past five years,
reveals  the results of the 2012 Sexual
Harassment National Telephone Survey. Realised by Sex Discrimination
Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick, the survey outlines the findings of the Australian
Human Rights Commissions extensive survey into the prevalence, nature and
reporting of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces.

When it came to the gender breakdown, 25 per cent of women and
16 per cent of men revealed that they had been sexually harassed in the
workplace in the past five years. Over a persons lifetime, 33 per cent of women
have been sexually harassed since the age of 15, compared with 9 per cent of

One of the encouraging aspects of the survey involved the
role of bystanders – people who witnessed or later became aware of sexual

“Fifty-one per cent of people who were bystanders took some
action to prevent strategies, improving access to reporting mechanisms, and
creating an enabling environment hat would encourage and empower bystanders to
take action.

The survey concludes that: “putting an end to sexual
harassment and ensuring the safety and security of all employees while at work
also requires leadership and a genuine commitment from government, unions and
all sectors of the Australian workplace”.

Source: HR Monthly